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The air you breathe inside your home is the most crucial air in your lungs, so why choose to live in a home where dust and allergens can make a mess of your immune system? Indoor air quality is crucial during winter when things like the common cold, the flu, and COVID-19 can spread quickly through your air ducts. According to the EPA, we spend about 90 percent of our lives indoors, and that air needs to be free of harmful allergens. 

So, how do you keep the air inside your home or business clean? One way is to call All 1 Mechanical. Our trained and licensed professionals provide top-quality indoor air quality services for your home.

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality refers to the cleanliness of the air within your home or business. When we mean cleanliness, we mean low allergen, dust, pollen, and germ counts. There are many sources of indoor air pollution, including combustion sources like gas stoves, fireplaces, and tobacco products; building materials and furnishings like asbestos, formaldehyde, and lead; and activities like cleaning and painting.

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Poor indoor air quality can cause various health problems, from headaches and fatigue to respiratory problems and cancer. It can also aggravate existing conditions like asthma and allergies. In addition, poor indoor air quality can contribute to developmental issues in children.

Indoor air can house things like mold, dust, and pet dander and can be spread just as easily through your home’s air conditioning. These allergens can make you sick, but the good news is that you can maintain indoor air to acceptable levels.

High-quality air can also help reduce utility bills. Proper HVAC maintenance, for example, can ensure your home receives clean air at all times at a fraction of the cost. Also, if your home has quality air, you’re dealing with fewer disgusting odors. On the other hand, older homes can struggle with musty odors from basements or mold growth. Indoor air quality matters because no one should breathe in harmful air.

The Common Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can be caused by several issues, including outdoor issues like smoke or pollen and indoor issues like mold growth. Your home should be your sanctuary from all these problems, but chances are you haven’t adequately protected yourself or your loved ones from bad air. 

For example, have you changed your air filter recently? Waiting too long to change an air filter gives harmful allergens a chance to fly through your home without resistance. An aging HVAC system can be one of the most significant causes of poor indoor air quality. Age matters in an HVAC unit, so ensuring that you are running a contemporary unit is a solid way to breathe clean air.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions by All 1 Mechanical

You need a company to help you breathe clean air inside your home. With mold, allergens, dust, and pet dander, All 1 Mechanical indoor air quality services ensure quality air runs through your home.

Do you need maintenance on your HVAC unit? We have plans for that for any budget. Your air ducts can also be breeding grounds for allergens. So ensure your next HVAC inspection includes a look at your air ducts.

Our goal is to leave you satisfied with your service. Trust us when we say that our focus is on creating a business-customer relationship that has you calling us for any HVAC issue. Why don’t you start by contacting us for a free quote?

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Jon & Kelli Rosdail
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All 1 Mechanical uses top quality equipment (Trane/American Standard) and they cleaned up thier work flawlessly. We are VERY satisfied!
Sarah C.
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Positive, professionalism, quality, responsiveness, value. All 1 was extremely prompt and professional. My AC was not blowing cold air and they were able to fix it quickly, which is a huge comfort to my family as the days are getting warm. In addition, they took the time to properly clean my unit. I'm so grateful!!
Terri Mendoza
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John was quick and flexible with my schedule. He is honest and reliable. Andrew did a great job cleaning and replacing the thermostat. He took the time to help me install the WIFI app to my phone. I would recommend these guys to anyone.
M.S. Gill
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I had a great experience with All 1 Mechanical. John is very professional. I highly recommend for great 5 star service.
Mark Port
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Jon was outstanding! Knowledgeable, professional, honest, and trustworthy. Was right on time, diagnosed the issue, and fixed the problem at a fair price. I highly recommend these folks!